Residents urged to take precautions after three garage fires

Three Garage Fires

City Fire Fighters responded to three arson fires within 17 minutes just after 4 a.m. on June 13th in the Gerrard -Jones area. Materials found in the laneways were used as fuel to burn three garages. The Office of the Fire Marshall is investigating.

Waste Management Staff to clear lanes

I have asked Waste Management Staff from Municipal Licensing and Standards to inspect laneways with the intent of ensuring the laneways are cleared of dumped garbage and abandoned furniture and other objects. Call 311 to report garbage and furniture in the laneways and Rights of Way. Or call my office at 416-392-4060

Residents Urged to take Precautions

Toronto Fire is recommending that residents take the following actions for arson prevention:

- Lock all doors and windows in your home, garage, gates and vehicles.

- Make sure there are no sources of combustible materials left outdoors in the open, such as rags, wood, gasoline cans, newspapers or old furniture.

- Lock and chain barbecue propane tanks (including spare tanks) to prevent them from being used as a source of flammable material.

- Provide exterior lighting around your home at night.

- Trim shrubs that may provide a possible source of combustion or cover for a criminal lurking at night.

- Ask neighbours to help keep an eye on your home, offering to do likewise for them.

- Concentrate on monitoring houses where the residents are away, such as on vacation.

- Report any suspicious person(s) or events to the police immediately.

Full information on arson is available on the Arson Taskforce website

Working for you!

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