Public invited to step into the world of wayfinding

The City of Toronto is working on a wayfinding strategy and is encouraging the public to get involved. Wayfinding refers to a system for helping residents, commuters and visitors find their way around a city. More than just signs and maps, wayfinding also involves names, landmarks and new media, as well as elements of the public realm such as lighting, street furniture and public art.

Those interested can learn more about the unfolding strategy on wayfinding by attending a Jane's Walk on the subject called "Are we there yet pedestrian wayfinding in Toronto" on Saturday, May 3. More details about the walk are available at

In addition, an event called "Leading the Way: understanding the world of wayfinding" will take guests on a tour of wayfinding initiatives from around the world and describe the benefits of wayfinding for Toronto. This event will be held on Monday, May 5 at 80 Gould St. on Ryerson University's campus. Phil Berczuk, an expert in wayfinding and a consultant to the City of Toronto, will be the keynote speaker. More details are available at

Wayfinding is also the subject of a display that will be featured in the rotunda of Metro Hall, 55 John St., from May 6 to 9.

The City is preparing to undertake a survey to obtain public input on a wayfinding strategy. The survey will be available Saturday, May 3 on the City's wayfinding website at

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