My Letter to the City Manager regarding Flying the Flag with Pride at City Hall

February 7, 2014 Joe Pennachetti City Manager City of Toronto 100 Queen St. West 11E M5H 2N2 Dear Mr. Pennachetti,

RE: Flying the Flag with Pride

I support the City of Toronto flying the Pride flag over City Hall for the duration of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. The Olympics are a celebration of friendship and diversity and serve to bring people together from around the
world in our shared humanity. In an act of support for the Olympic ideals and in solidarity with the LGBTQ community, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa will fly the Pride flag throughout the Sochi Olympics. Toronto should do the same. The Pride flag is a powerful symbol of equality and human rights, and it is fitting to fly the flag in celebration of Toronto's inclusive values during this international event. By flying the flag we reaffirm our commitment to non-discrimination and inclusivity. As the host city for World Pride 2014, Toronto is a committed partner of the worldwide LGBTQ community and stands firm in support of non-discrimination and equality for all. It would be a shame for Toronto to be absent from the cities across Canada showing support for LGBTQ citizens fighting to be free from the oppressive laws criminalizing their love. I will be flying the Pride flag in my window at City Hall for the duration of the Sochi Winter Olympics. I believe the City of Toronto should do the same in the determined hope that one day the pride flag can be freely flown in all corners of the world. Sincerely, Paula2013 Councillor Paula Fletcher Ward 30, Toronto-Danforth cc: Members of Council, Pride Toronto

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