Multiplexes Approved City Wide

I was pleased to vote in favour of allowing low-rise housing of up to four units in all neighbourhoods across the city.

Today City Council adopted city staff's recommendation to permit multiplexes in all neighbourhoods to support building new homes for people.

I was pleased to vote in favour of this item that allows for low-rise housing of up to four units in all neighbourhoods across the city. Much of Ward 14 already permits multiplexes, which provide a key source of gentle density in our neighbourhoods. 

The adopted recommendations will result in amendments to the City’s Official Plan and city-wide Zoning Bylaw to enable the development of multiplexes in all neighbourhoods throughout Toronto. The recommended changes aim to permit more housing in all low-rise neighbourhoods while largely maintaining their built form and landscape amenities.

This initiative is one component of the city’s 2023 Housing Action Plan, which seeks to increase the housing supply within complete, inclusive and sustainable communities with critical infrastructure to support growth.

While there has been housing growth through mid- and high-rise apartment buildings concentrated in densely populated areas of the city, the supply of low-rise housing, such as multiplexes, has not kept up with the demand.

To remove barriers and enable the creation of more low-rise housing, the adopted report recommends an Official Plan Amendment to permit multiplexes in residential areas across the city and a Zoning Bylaw Amendment to implement these permissions in all residential zones. The report also recommends a monitoring program to track uptake and identify issues related to achieving multiplex housing.

These amendments were informed by feedback received through the city's public consultation process. You can read the full staff report here.

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