City Council Adopts My Motion Opposing Gas Plants

My motion opposing any new fossil fuel-burning energy projects in Toronto comes in response to the province's expansion of the Port Lands gas plant in Toronto-Danforth. 

I'm pleased that City Council passed my motion to oppose the province's expansion of natural gas power plants.

The provincial government plans to burn more fossil fuels in Ward 14 at the Portlands Energy Centre, the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Toronto. This is despite Toronto's commitment to significant emission reductions.

In response, I moved a motion that City Council adopted today opposing the expansion of the Portlands Energy Centre on our waterfront or any other new fossil fuel energy generation in Toronto and instead invest in energy efficiency programs.

My thanks to MPP Peter Tabuns and Environmental Defence for their work on this important issue.

Read my motion and the Environmental Defence statement on it's adoption to learn more.

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