Good News! Metrolinx Relocates Layover out of the Don Valley

Metrolinx has located a suitable alternative site for the layover required for their GO Expansion program. Moving this layover facility to a light industrial area and out of the Don Valley ravine system is very welcome news.

Putting the layover in the Don River Valley Park would have meant rebuilding nearly a kilometre of track across the valley floor to park and maintain the GO fleet, adding a six acre train facility, re-building a 100 year old bridge that had not been used since 1967 and clear cutting over 1,000 trees. It would have spoiled the natural wonder of one of the three great natural river valleys in Toronto – the Humber, Rouge and Don – which are so essential to a balanced life within our busy city.

Thank you to the communities on both sides of the Don River for their constant advocacy and their detailed work on alternative sites and to the Metrolinx staff for their due diligence in finding a suitable alternate location that meets their operational requirements. I'd also like to thank the City of Toronto Transit Expansion Office for following-up on the many requests from City Council and local residents.

This change will now allow the City to begin work to on the long awaited Wonscotanach Park, located in the Don Valley. This new park will be a companion piece to the many great parks along the Don River, including the soon to be completed park in the Port Lands, Corktown Common and Riverdale Park East and West.

I look forward to working with everybody to begin this important work.

Working for you,


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