Construction Q&A Update: Broadview & Queen Intersection Closed

Streetcar Track and Road Reconstruction June 30 to July 25* *Timeline subject to change due to unforeseen events, accurate at time of printing

We recognize that any form of construction is disruptive to a community. We are working to complete the work as efficiently as possible and on schedule. Your patience during the construction period is appreciated.

Q: Will the work taking place at Queen and Broadview finish on schedule?

A: Yes. The work is moving along according to schedule and should be completed by July 25.

Q: Will the intersection stay fully closed until July 25?

A: At this time there are plans to keep the intersection closed. We are working to try and open some lanes of traffic through the intersection sooner.

Efforts will be made to open three lanes along Queen Street through the Broadview intersection as early as July 19 and restore traffic and Queen streetcar service. Before Queen streetcar service can resume, three components of the project must be completed.

  1. Track installation by the TTC
  2. Concrete placement within the track allowance and resurfacing of the roadway by the City contractor
  3. Streetcar overhead upgrades in the intersection by the TTC.
We are aiming to the do the overhead work on nights starting July 14 through to the morning of July 18, weather permitting. This work will generate some level of noise from vehicle back-up alarms and the use of hand-held tools.

Q: What work is being completed?

A: The streetcar tracks are being replaced, which includes repaving road affected areas within the work limits and sidewalk work at the north side corners of the intersection with provision for reinstating the existing artwork. Minor sidewalk repairs on the south east corner of the intersection. The existing artwork will be sustained.

Q: How long will the work take?

A: Work started on June 30 and should be completed by July 25, 2014. The rail installation work by the TTC staff will be completed by Saturday, July 12. The contractor will continue to place concrete within the track areas.

Q: When will the sidewalk work begin, what can be expected to happen?

A: Sidewalk repairs will begin on Monday, July 14. Work is being done to repair the artwork on all 4 corners along with making the northwest and north east corners more accessible. The patches of asphalt along Queen within the work area will be replaced with concrete. The sidewalk on the Northeast side of the intersection will be replaced from Queen Street north to the public lane.

Access to businesses and building entrances closest to the corners will be available. Pedestrians will be required to walk on the road within the route provided by fencing. Cyclists will have to dismount and walk their bicycle when travelling through the intersection.

The workers will be cutting and lifting out the concrete of the old sidewalk which should be less disruptive than other types of removal work.

Work hours during the sidewalk repairs will take place from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

Q: What are the road closure limits? A: Complete closure points with fence barricade at work limits

Broadview (North end) - at Thompson / Broadview (South end) – north of Eastern Avenue Queen (West end) – at Hamilton / Queen (East end) – at Lewis

Q: How can I access the area? A: Vehicles will be allowed local access to the work limits.

Pedestrian sidewalk access will be maintained but diverted by fencing around the intersection. Pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained. General traffic will be managed as best as possible with directional construction signs. Alternate routes are River, Carlaw, Dundas and Eastern. Vehicle movement through neighbourhood streets is inevitable. Local Traffic Only signs will be installed where possible.

NEW: On the morning of July 9, a pay-duty police officer was positioned at Queen and Booth to better manage westbound non-local traffic in response to area residents’ concerns. A second officer will be placed at Queen and Grant to re-direct traffic. Both officers will remain on duty until lanes of traffic re-open on Queen Street.

Q: How is transit being re-routed? A replacement bus service will be provided but will be diverted around the intersection both ways via: Queen, Carlaw, Dundas, River and Queen. 501 Queen streetcars will be diverted both ways via: Queen, Coxwell, Gerrard, Parliament and Queen. 504 King streetcars will be diverted both ways via: Broadview, Dundas, Parliament and King.

Q: I own a business near the work area. What happens to my deliveries and garbage? A: Delivery trucks are allowed to the work limits at all ends (at fence barricades) Broadview (north end) at Thompson - Access to the laneway on the east side and to Green P lot will be maintained. Access to the laneway on the west side via Thompson and Hamilton trucks will have to back out or in and exit via Hamilton to Queen Street East. Broadview (south end) Laneway and driveway access will be maintained. Waste Collection – Follow your normal schedule/routine. If required, the contractor will move bins to an appropriate location and return them. Please label your bins with your address.

Q: What happens to on-street parking? A: There will be no parking within the work limits On-street parking beyond the work limits where new rails were stored east of Lewis has been restored. On July 7, the TTC began replacing the worn rail at the westbound streetcar stop on Queen at Carroll so parking restrictions will be in effect in that area until the end of the week.

Additional on-street parking is available on Carroll Street. Any existing parking restriction signs on this street will be covered to accommodate street parking in the area.

For more information:

City of Toronto: Easan Vallipuram C: 647-654-2812 E: [email protected]

TTC: Diego Sinagoga T: 416-393-2197 E: [email protected]

For email updates: Contact Josie Franch at [email protected]

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