Addressing Problems with the CaféTO Roll Out

Update on the 2023 CaféTO program and the steps I've asked city staff to take to address issues with the roll out.

As many of you are aware, there has been many issues with the 2023 CaféTO program roll out. I'm glad to have worked with senior city staff this week to address these problems.

Upon my request, city staff are taking the follow steps: 

  1. Cutting red tape - city staff will prioritize getting patios installed over administrative requirements. This means the city will now install CaféTO patios at any approved location, regardless if the business has paid their fees or submitted their final pieces of paperwork.
  2. Better communication - staff have committed to improving communications with applicants so they're better and more proactively informed about the status of their applications, installation schedules and other critical CaféTO program info.
  3. Improving the program going forward - I'm moving a motion at City Council next week that will task city staff with undertaking a thorough review of the 2023 CaféTO program to ensure the same issues aren't repeated in the future.

Thank you to city staff for listening to the concerns of local businesses.

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