Woodfield Road a Hotbed of Talent

(posted on behalf of Woodfield residents)


Neighbours work together for a variety of reasons. They help each other with kitchen renovations, surprise one another with an early morning snow shovel, and keep an eye on each others’ kids outdoors.


But the folks on Woodfield Road have taken neighbourliness to a new height - they’ve written and produced a play together and will premiere it in the

Toronto Fringe Festival this July.


Hipcheck – The Musical is a story about a women’s rec hockey team, originally conceived by Woodfield Road resident Shelley Hobbs. Shelley’s a lawyer by day but she loves to write, and of course play hockey; however, as a hearing impaired person, she had no idea where to start to write a musical. Enter Rob Torr, Shelley’s neighbour on Woodfield, a professional actor and singer, who swears he can’t tell a hip check from a hat trick.


The path between their houses has become well-worn over the past two years as these two have met to modify plot turnings, flesh out characters, and revise lyrics.  While Shelley ponders musical terms like “key change” and “harmonies” Rob is busy trying to design a set based on the inside of a women’s dressing room, which he claims never to have seen.


Things finally felt real this January when Hipcheck – The Musical won a spot at The Toronto Fringe Festival. Producers were needed and luckily both Rob and Shelley happened to be married to women with experience in that area. Rob’s wife Stephanie Graham is a performer, choreographer and producer, while Shelley’s wife Joan Jamieson used to run a children’s theatre group. They’ve worked together on this project, although Stephanie is now doing her piece from Charlottetown PEI where she’s choreographing and directing work for the Festival there.


Every show needs a website and publicity materials, so Tammy Rogers, who lives conveniently between the two houses on Woodfield Road stepped into the picture. Tammy’s gorgeous graphics have made for some wonderful Hipcheck publicity materials.


Actors have been auditioned and selected, sets are designed and built, and the talented Woodfield Road folks have even figured out how their actors can skate without ice! Rehearsals are getting underway in anticipation of Opening Night on July 2nd.


For more information: www.Hipcheck-TheMusical.com

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