Toronto Police Services taking parking complaints online

Toronto Police Service is taking parking complaints online. Now, members of the public can go online, report their parking complaint and get the assistance they need without having to place a telephone call to Toronto Police. Moving to an online parking complaint process is a better business delivery model and is in line with the ongoing implementation of the Service’s modernization plan.

"The call statistics for 2017 show 158,000 parking complaints were registered at Communications Services, which translates into roughly 2,400 hours for my Call Takers. These parking complaints come into our non-emergency and emergency lines," explained Toronto Chief of Police, Mark Saunders. "Anytime we can decrease call volumes for low risk incidents, like parking complaints, means increased service levels to people who call 9-1-1 for emergencies that require immediate Police, Fire or Ambulance to attend."

The Service will continue to seek out alternative reporting options for low risk incidents - those that do not require a police officer to immediately respond.

To file an online parking complaint, click here.

About the Action Plan: The Way Forward Mandated to look beyond the way policing is currently done in Toronto; the Transformational Task Force (TTF) proposed a modernized policing model for the city that is innovative, sustainable, and affordable. The final report - Action Plan: The Way Forward – contains 32 recommendations and was accepted by the Toronto Police Services Board in February, 2017 as the Service’s Business Plan for the next three years. The Toronto Police Service is now implementing its modernization plan. The new model will place communities at its core, be intelligence-led, optimize the use of resources and technology, and embrace partnerships as a means of enhancing capacity and capability.

To read more about this and the entire Action Plan: The Way Forward, click here.

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