Joel Weeks Park Concepts

On April 6, 2010 over 60 community members participated in a public workshop design to share ideas about the future design of Joel Weeks Park.  Last Monday, May 17 I invited the community to see their ideas turned into a new park design and welcomed their feedback.  Now I am asking you to share your opinions on the two possible designs for Joel Week Parks.

Option 1 : Urban Grid

Option 2: Organic River


To share your thougts please fill out the comment sheet  and deposit in the Comments Boxes at any of the following locations:

  • Drop Box at 765 Queen Street E. - Ralph Thornton Centre
  • Drop Box at 50 Matilda Ave.
  • Drop Box at 756 Queens Street E. - Riverside District BIA Office

Alternately you can provide comments directly to Lori Ellis ([email protected]).  Fax your comments to 416-394-2485 or mail your comments to the address listed at the top of this form. 

Click to see the Joel Week's Park PowerPoint that was shown at Monday's meeting.

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