A Safety Update from Enbridge Gas Distribution

GTA Area -- Call Enbridge Gas Distribution only if you smell gas or to report an emergency such as a damaged pipe or meter

  • Due to a high volume of calls and poor road conditions in the GTA, the natural gas utility is currently only responding to natural gas emergency calls.
  • If a customer has an emergency such as the smell of gas or is reporting a pipeline or meter damage (including by falling trees or branches) they should call Enbridge Gas Distribution’s emergency line at 1-866-763-5427 from a neighbour’s phone.
  • Customers should not attempt to fix any problems related to the disruption of their supply of natural gas. Relighting natural gas equipment following power outage
    • Enbridge Gas Distribution’s natural gas system continues to operate normally during the winter storm however some natural gas appliances including furnaces require power to operate.
    • If a customer does not have heat due to a power outage or requires natural gas appliances to be relit after power is restored, they should contact a heating contractor. If a customer does not have one, they can find service providers online at www.enbridgegas.com/homes/customer-service/need-contractor.

    Customers without heat due to power outage

    • Customers in Toronto can visit www.toronto.ca for more information or contact their local municipality or electricity utility.
    • Do not use equipment designed for outdoor use such as barbecues (including natural gas, propane or charcoal burning models) and gasoline powered generators indoors.
    • Do not use appliances such as stoves to heat your home.
    • Please ensure appliance vents and your meter/regulator are free of snow and ice.

    Keep natural gas meter and appliance vents clear of snow, ice

    • Frequently check for any icy build-up from melting snow from your roof, drifting snow, freezing rain or water leaking from an eaves trough. This build-up could interrupt your gas service or cause an appliance to malfunction, which may create a hazardous condition.
    • Never pile snow against gas equipment or appliance vents.
    • If a meter, regulator or external vents are covered with snow or ice, remove the snow or ice carefully with either a car brush or broom. Do not use sharp objects or force, such as kicking or hitting, or hot water, salt or other melting methods to remove the snow or ice as this may cause damage. Be careful when using a shovel, plow or snow blower near gas equipment or appliance vents
    • If snow or ice build-up on natural gas meters or regulators cannot be gently removed with a broom or car brush, call Enbridge Gas Distribution for assistance at 1-877-ENBRIDGE (362- 7434).
    • If you need assistance to clear a blocked appliance vent, please contact a heating contractor.
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