Carlaw & Dundas

In 2014 City Council adopted the Carlaw + Dundas Community Initiative, put forward by Councillor Paula Fletcher, which established a vision for the Carlaw and Dundas community and identified priority projects and strategies to implement improvements to public outdoor spaces in the area. As part of this larger initiative, a suite of public space improvement projects are being undertaken: the Carlaw + Dundas Triangle, a new gateway to Jimmie Simpson Park, the Boston Ave path and improvements to Badgerow Parkette. These projects will integrate historical structures, features, and story lines into the design improvements and reflect community input.

On October 14, 2020 Councillor Fletcher hosted the virtual Carlaw + Dundas Celebration and Launch with artist Pierre Poussin, Paul Nodwell from Schollen & Company Inc. and Heritage Consultant Richard Unterman. Community members got to hear from those directly involved in this project and were provided with an in-depth overview of the designs and history of the area. View full video below. Click here to view the slide deck.

A new signalized crosswalk has also been installed on Carlaw Ave, north of Colgate Ave. Thanks to all of you who advocated for this!

Heritage Study Report

Unterman McPhail Associates Heritage Resource Management Consultants participated as the Cultural Heritage Consultant. They completed a heritage study of the district to help inform the suite of public realm improvement projects that celebrate and highlight the area’s rich industrial heritage. Their work comprised the review of existing cultural heritage studies and local histories, city directories, historical mapping including the late 19th century and 20th century Goad’s Atlas fire insurance plans, aerial photography, a discussion with local historian Joanne Doucette and a pedestrian survey of the extant buildings, and remnant railway infrastructure complemented with photography and a brief architectural description. You can read the full report here.

In June 2018 the Dundas + Carlaw Heritage Plaque District was launched. Comprising ten plaques and a self-guided tour, it is the City’s first Heritage Plaque District.

In June 2019 Heritage Toronto launched their first digital tour, Dundas + Carlaw: Made in Toronto, providing an in-depth exploration of the neighbourhood.

Featuring a colourful design with playful animations, all set within a map of the area, this 11-stop tour showcases buildings that housed industry giants like Rolph-Clark-Stone, the 1950s graphic design firm; Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., the chewing gum company known for its marketing and advertising campaigns; and Reliable Toy Co., innovators of the first plastic toys in Canada. The tour also provides insight into factory life, detailing the everyday experiences of the workers through archival images, never-before-seen video, and first-hand accounts.

Carlaw + Dundas Triangle and Signature Marker

The triangular parcel of land west of Carlaw Avenue, north of Dundas St. East, and south of Dickens Street was acquired by the City. It was a derelict property, but has been transformed into an iconic, urban outdoor gathering space that reflects the vibrancy of the community and strengthens the neighbourhood’s character. The overall design was inspired by the new Signature Marker – the obelisk by artist Pierre Poussin.

Click here to view the final conceptual designs for the Carlaw + Dundas Triangle.

Internationally-acclaimed Toronto artist and designer Pierre Poussin was chosen to design the Signature Marker, a 9.2 metre-high obelisk. Click here to read more about Pierre and the design.

Jimmie Simpson Park Gateway

A new entrance to Jimmie Simpson Park was created to form a welcoming and accessible gateway into the community’s green space.

View the conceptual design here.

Badgerow Parkette

Badgerow Parkette, located on Toronto Hydro property on the northeast corner of Carlaw and Badgerow, will be undergoing upgrades as part of the public realm improvements. Work is scheduled to being in August 2021.

View the final conceptual design for Badgerow Parkette here.

Boston Avenue

Streetscape improvements have been made on the west side of Boston Avenue, including new plantings and an informal pathway that respects the existing trees.

East End Bridges to Art Underpass Project 

This is a project initiated by Councillor Fletcher in 2017 with the idea of painting a series of murals on the rail bridges in the neighbourhood as part of the Carlaw Dundas Community Initiative. The project has grown to include all nine rail bridges in Ward 14 from Eastern Ave to Coxwell Ave. Click here for more details.

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