Jimmie Simpson Playground: No Playground Impacts until Metrolinx Steps Up

The City has recently been given details about a Metrolinx request for access to Jimmie Simpson Playground in order to build a retaining wall along the rail corridor. This was a surprise as Metrolinx has always claimed that impacts on the park will be minimal to non-existent. Metrolinx is now requesting at least a one week closure of the large play structure and large swing set, & relocation of the junior swing set. After that there will be several weeks where portions of the large play structure will have to be closed. 


Now that Metrolinx has disclosed these impacts, I believe that they have an obligation to the community to commit to funding the restoration and upgrading of Jimmie Simpson Playground.


Due to the powers granted to Metrolinx by the Province in the Building Transit Faster Act if the City were to simply turn down the request, Metrolinx has the ability to override that. I believe that if the City takes the position that we should not issue the agreement until Metrolinx agrees to step up we may be able to secure an upgraded Playground for the community who are dealing with the numerous impacts from Metrolinx's Ontario Line construction. 


At the September 19th Toronto and East York Community Council and October11th City Council we will be voting on a motion for the City to take this position. 



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