Destination Danforth

Danforth Avenue from Broadview Avenue to Dawes Road has been temporarily transformed in order to better support local businesses, provide safe mobility options for all road users and enable people to maintain physical distancing.

Changes include streetscape improvements (painted curb extensions, planters, art installations, etc.), café seating in the curb lane, curbside separated bike lanes, 24/7 parking on both sides of Danforth, one traffic lane in either direction and turn lanes at intersections.

Work began July 15, 2020. Read the construction notice and the August 21, 2020 Installation update for further details. The project is following an iterative design process, meaning staff will adjust the design to address issues and concerns throughout the installation period.

The CafeTO curb lane patios were removed in November 2020 to prepare for snow removal and winter weather. Restaurants and bars are allowed to use the sidewalk where patios can be set up safely (when outdoor dining is permitted under COVID-19 regulations).

Destination Danforth is part of a bigger Danforth Study. Visit the Danforth Study website for more information and details on future meetings:

Updates from Fall 2020

Signal Work:

  • Traffic Signal Optimization to improve traffic flow
  • Leading Pedestrian Intervals to improve pedestrian safety

Public Art:

  • 5 new murals – 3 of the murals are now complete
  • 12 hand painted traffic signal boxes

Bike Share:

  • 2 additional new Bike Share stations will be added

Additional Pilot Adjustments:

  • On-Street Parking modifications to improve intersection sight lines
  • New loading opportunities & improved markings for designated loading zones
  • New pavement markings around fire hydrants to improve no parking compliance
  • New accessible loading platforms

Read the Destination Danforth Common Questions and Concerns document for further information.

Looking for information on how to use the new complete street on Danforth? Check out the “How To” document which includes information for people walking, biking and driving.

Visit the city’s website for further information:

Thank you to everyone who attended the Virtual Community Meeting on July 23rd. You can view the presentation online.

You can watch a recording of the meeting here:


You can view the design elements below:


City Council approved the installation of this ActiveTO project on Danforth Ave, as well as other installations throughout the city, at its May 28th, 2020 meeting.

ActiveTO is about making sure people have space to get around while respecting physical distancing. ActiveTO Initiatives include quiet streets, closing major roads for active transportation, and expanding the cycling network.

The city is also supporting local businesses that want to expand their patio space with sidewalk cafés, curb lane cafés or patios on private property through the CaféTO program.

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